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Raffle Master

Do you have trouble hosting raffles and giveaways?
Do attendees want more transparency for your raffles?
Looking to take your next giveaway to a more professional level?
Look no further than Slash’s Raffle Master!

Raffle Master allows you to effortlessly set up raffles and giveaways, utilizing
Slash’s existing raffle systems, ensuring fairness, transparency, and ease of use–all at minimal risk.

Ticket Buffs

Need more sponsors to support your events?
Want to give your attendees more value for their money?
Slash’s Ticket Buff can give you the leverage you need!

Through Ticket Buff, you can bundle exclusive vouchers and promos with each ticket sold through the Slash platform. This lets you create an even more enticing offer for your attendees, as well as giving more opportunities for both cash and in-kind sponsors to get valuable reach and sampling.

Scratch Card

Want to raise the overall event experience for attendees?
Are you thinking of new ways to engage attendees at your events?
Do you want to make event registrations more effective and fun?
Slash’s Scratch Card feature is your answer!

Slash’s Scratch Card is a digital version of analog scratch cards, made accessible through unique QR codes generated for your event.
These Scratch Cards can be used to create event challenges, jumpstart giveaways, and other fun activities for attendees to enjoy alongside the event.

Events Calendar

Do you struggle with filling your events?
Are you looking for opportunities to better reach your audiences?
Slash’s Event Discovery can help you bring your events to the right attendees!

Events on Mineski Slash are promoted to a primarily young adult audience who are:
– 18-35 years old of all genders
– Passionate about a variety of interests, with some overlap
– Enjoy attending festivals, conventions, and other events that cater to their interests

Any event–even ones organized outside of Mineski Slash–can be listed on the Slash platform to be discovered by our core audiences in two ways: by location or by interest. This allows users on the Slash platform to easily find out about your event, read further details, and even purchase tickets.

Pop-up gaming truck

Trying to fully utilize your large event space?
Want a more cost-effective satellite stage?
Looking for options for livestreaming and other digital executions on-ground?
Slash’s pop-up events truck can boost your event experience!

Powered by Mineski’s GG Truck, these pop-up events trucks are equipped with an LED screen, mini-stage, sound system, and wifi capabilities, allowing you to expand your opportunities for your event!

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