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Mineski Global CEO and Chairperson Ronald Robins delivered a talk to the Manila Chapter of the Junior Chamber of Commerce on adapting and growing amidst rapid technological changes and a market with shifting priorities. In line with JCI’s vision of “Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow”, Robins highlighted the importance of data in understanding market trends and shaping more sustainable business practices, focusing on community development. “Years of serving gamers has helped us realize that they have diverse interests such as sports and music. In recent years, we have gradually diversified our offerings to include Digital Entertainment that leverages our technology to effectively deliver a different level of engagement for those in and beyond gaming, from bringing K-pop and anime events to the digital worlds to elevating sports experiences like golf. As Technology Enablers, we are committed to continuously expand our reach beyond gaming and empower these different passion communities by enhancing their digital experiences through our leading technologies and innovations. This is a big stride for us and we are just getting started,” said Ronald “Rho” Robins, Chief Executive Officer of Mineski Global.

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